Today, we found out that necessary car repairs are going to cost us about $2000. This was not happy news. Basically, right now, we have very little discretionary income and we’d hoped to use the little we have for a vacation this summer.

Instead of spending my day today on WoW, I spent it researching PPPV (pay for page view) freelance sites. The nice thing about these sites is the freedom to write whatever you like. The downside is, of course, low pay as you receive only pennies per page view.

Now, I enjoy writing, but I’ve been procrastinating trying to find freelance work because the topics most frequently requested are outside my body of knowledge, and would require more time in research and fact checking than the pay for writing is actually worth.

But I’m seriously considering writing a series of WoW-guides for one of these PPPV sites. This would not replace my blog as this is more my personal experiences in regards to WoW, where as these articles would be more generic how-to’s – things like leveling guides, profession guides, boss strats, and so on.

But I wonder – would WoW-players go outside of their comfort zone of all the great sites that already exist and read guides like this on a site with a much broader spectrum of information? I know to SEO (search engine optimize) and still create readable, informative articles. If I could make a little money while doing something I enjoy? That’d be quite a bonus.

I’m still undecided about this – but the bottom line is my WoW-time is going to need to take a back seat to my need to bring in some cash for the next few months. The idea of getting paid – even a pittance – for writing about something I love and am fairly knowledgeable about holds an awful lot of appeal.