Being part of a raiding guild is sort of like being on a baseball team.

Sometimes you’re the pitcher, or the catcher, or the third baseman. You’re filling a vital position & helping your team to glory.

Sometimes, you’re warming the bench.

If you’re not okay with both of those scenarios, then you’re really not there for the team, you’re there for yourself.

Now there are many sports – like say, golf, where you are all that matters. You succeed or fail totally on your own merits. And that’s great – go play golf. Playing golf is a perfectly valid life choice.

But don’t cry that you want to play baseball if you’re not willing to make time for it. To come to all the practices, and all the games, whether you get the amount of field time you want or not.

~~this entry brought to you by an ungodly amount of frustration and disproportionate nerdrage.