I am not a math-y person, really. My theorycrafting is passable, but to get deep into the numbers kind of make my brain ache, and that’s not super-fun for me.  Still, I spent some quality time in WoWhead the other day in an attempt to figure out what elemental shaman BiS really looks like (not allowing for any heroic mode gear – no ToGC-25, no ICC-10H, no ICC-25H), and to also do it without stealing cloth gear.

My current BiS look like this: Krikket BiS.

NOTE: I have since edited the WoWhead profile as I try out different combinations, so the information below in regards to gemming is no longer accurate. This is my first shot at putting together a BiS list, so I’m still learning.

Sadly, this requires gemming for +hit to the tune of 70 points, and still relies on Misery/IFF being present in the raid. Other gemming is as follows:

  • Three Rigid King’s Ambers (20 hit rating) in yellow sockets with useful bonuses (+5 spellpower/+5 spellpower/+7 spellpower respectively).
  • Five Reckless Ametrines (12 spellpower / 10 haste rating) in all remaining yellow sockets.

It could be argued that all the gems not needed for hit rating or meta gem activation should be Runed Cardinal Rubies because spellpower is a higher rated stat than haste, but again … that’s further than I like to push my number crunching. Personally, I can’t get enough haste, but I know that due to latency, my rotation isn’t as tight as it could be either.

Please note: There is absolutely no spirit or MP5 on any of this gear. None. Zero. I’ve been having debates about the viability of wearing MP5 gear as an elemental shaman with a guildmate who has a shaman alt with an elemental spec. I still maintain that three points in Unrelenting Storm, Replenishment, and a very likely Blessing of Wisdom if your raid is anything like ours, the only time MP5 is even remotely useful is after using the ever popular shaman threat-drop, Reincarnation, or if someone thinks you’re valuable enough to warrant a battle rez.

I also firmly believe that gemming for hit will give better DPS than putting on a +hit trinket. Some of the trinkets are just too damn good to basically “waste” a trinket slot getting hitcapped. In fact, I’m considering buying my Frost Witch’s Gloves, and putting Precision on them for the rare occasions I don’t have a shadow priest or balance druid to raid with. Eventually. Because right now, we’re not killing the Lich King, the holy paladins will shank me if I take the shield (assuming Marrowgar ever drops it), and I’m currently a staff shaman, and probably will be for quite awhile to come.

I am lucky in that (I believe) according to my guild’s loot rules, I will be able to bid on items outside my armor class once they’re not needed by anyone for main spec. So I will have cloth options – at some point I will work on a non-heroic BiS list that includes cloth. However, since not every elemental shaman will have that option, I tried to work within the confines of armor class to start with.