In an attempt to both stave off the WoW-apathy and to keep harmony in the household*, I ran a handful of randoms today on my itty-bitty holy priest.

Does this dress make my hips look wide?

(no, seriously – that’s me casting Renew. And casting Renew. And casting Renew. That’s what healing dungeons looks like at level 16.)

Meghenne is kind of full of awesome so far, ugly green gloves notwithstanding.

I mean, I’ve always liked the idea of priests. My third character ever was a priest – she’s still sitting on Bronzebeard in her mid-20s. The first time we tried leveling Horde together? I made a priest. And again the second time. And again the third time. Because the first thing that I learned about being a priest is that solo leveling a priest kind of  SUCKS.

I know people do it. Ted leveled Penitant by himself, mostly as discipline, before LFG. So I’ve seen it. It doesn’t look painful when someone else does it, but oh god. When I do it, it is.

Of course, priest is one of the classes I actually already have at 80 (thank you RaF!), but I’m going to do it again. Savilla leveled all the way up as Discipline – Meghenne will be holy.  Later on, I can decide if I want to be dual-spec heals/heals, or if I want to give LOL-Mind-Sear offspec another go. I really like discipline healing – I’m hoping I find holy just as much fun.

*When I say “harmony in the household” what that really means is that we’ve been WoW-bickering again. WoW-bickering is what WoW playing couples do when they can’t find anything REAL to bicker about. For serious. Usually, leveling itty bitty characters together for a couple hours soothes things over, and is totally worth it even if I’m not having any fun. But I ran four lowbie dungeons back to back and actually mostly enjoyed it. That’s a win-win in my book.