When achievements first came out, I thought this was pretty much the best thing ever. I was never going to be without something to do in WoW again!  Boy, was I wrong.

Achievements definitely kept me entertained for awhile. I was busy during every holiday. I did a lot of things in game that I probably would never have bothered with if there hadn’t been an associated achievement (see just about everything under Classic Dungeonmaster and World Explorer). As someone who spent a lot of time playing solo, achievements were great.

Until now.

Because now, what I have left on my main is painfully long and tedious grinds (like getting a bunch of reputations to Exalted or farming gold and/or rare drop mounts to get up to 100 mounts) or things like Glory of the Hero that require a group with time to kill (and possibly some extra gold to spend on repair bills).

Now that heroics are primarily a vehicle for an extra two Frost badges a day for everyone who grossly overgears them, I usually do one a day, and I almost always use LFG for it. The drops are no longer exciting – dream shards and abyss crystals for all! The fights aren’t interesting or challenging anymore. Farming badges is almost as tedious as farming obsolete reputations.

I’m not really driven to make money either, not at this point. I am sitting on a comfortable amount of gold – even with the consideration of buying both epic flight and dual-spec for Norrah at some point. I never enjoyed dailies, and one can only do so much farming with a main who has skinning and enchanting as her two professions.

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing more PvP/battlegrounds, but really? I’m pretty terrible at it. I don’t understand how to play most of the battlegrounds, and there’s always THAT GUY who is screaming at everyone in /bg the entire time that sort of sucks all the potential for fun out of it. Best case scenario, I can do two or three battlegrounds before I find myself wanting to kick Wolvar. Or that guy who has nothing better to do than tell everyone how terrible they are. One or the other.

Now, I’m at the point where I frequently log on, check mail, then sit and watch guild chat scroll by. Before I know it, an hour (or more) has passed, and I’ve spend most of my time “playing WoW” tabbed out doing something else, or worse, just zoned out.  I thought I’d be safe from another round of WoW-apathy at least until my paladin hit 80 and started gearing up, but … I don’t really like paladin tanking, and I’m just not that interested in paladin healing or DPS either, so I’m having trouble staying motivated.

Even though I really enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes from realizing my goals, I have a really really hard time pushing through when getting there is just not that fun. So yet again, I find myself at that point where I’m wondering if I’ve really just chosen the wrong game for me – so much of WoW is about the repetitive grinding time-suck-ness of … well, pretty much everything. And I just can’t stay focused.

I keep saying “I need a new project”, but it might be more than that. I spend a lot of time every week “playing” WoW (and I use the term playing to mean whatever time I’m logged in), and of that? I maybe really enjoy 6 – 8 hours a week. The rest of the time, it’s either like that coffeehouse or bar you hang out at not because you really like it, but because you have nothing else to do, or worse? It’s like a job I’m not getting paid for.

I’m not sure what the solution is, especially since for both my boyfriend and I, WoW is our primary source of entertainment. He’s still grinding along (although he’s prone to complaining about it), but I’m finding I’d rather do nothing at all than do something in game just to have something to do. I don’t have his tolerance for the stupid & annoying things that frequently happen – moreso now that we’re on a PvP server.  I’m not even all that interested in solo-leveilng alts anymore (although I won’t lie – I’d really like to have another max level character that’s fun to play).

Is this pre-expac burnout? Or just a far-too-late realization that this is just not the right game for me?