So, 3.3.3 seems to have broken AG_unitframes. I’ve known for awhile that this was bound to happen, as I don’t think the author is still updating this addon, but … I wasn’t ready. I spent half of my day today looking for a suitable replacement, with no luck.

See – this is how my frames USED to look in a 25 man.

See? All nice and slender and down one side of my screen? Just a nice, neat, list of health bars, colored by class. The gap between groups was for cleanseable debuffs. That’s all I need, and it didn’t take up much real estate.

So far, I’m finding Xperl just too bulky with the names ABOVE the health bars instead of on them, and I couldn’t get VuhDo out of a horizontal configuration. I don’t even know what my other options are to get raid frames that are vertical, yet compact. Thoughts, dear readers?

ETA: Okay, so I don’t love it quite the same way, but Pitbull is pretty much doing what I want! & it only took like 3.5 hours to configure. /sigh.