I’m not sure whether to be happy or sad at the state of my ICC-25 normal potential upgrade list. It’s short. Very short. Granted, I still need to buy three pieces of T-10 and my totem from Frost badges, but the upgrades that drop? Aren’t exactly mutitudinous (oh god, that’s so not a word).

High priority upgrades:

Dislodged Foriegn Object from Rotface. I feel like this was created for elemental shamans (every other caster DPS is bound to disagree, but I DON’T CARE!). Haste on equip, spellpower on proc. ❤  Also, it’s time to retire the Abyssal Rune.

Protector’s Mark of Sanctification as soon as I have my second tier piece and am eligible to bid on them again.

Frostbinder’s Shredded Cape from Dreamwalker. There isn’t a Frost badge cape that isn’t lousy with either spirit or MP5, so my cloak is … lacking.

Medium priority upgrades:

Ring of Rapid Ascent from Gunship. No spirit, no MP5, no hit. Win.

Amulet of the Silent Eulogy from Gunship. This is a hit neck, but it’s hit / haste (and haste still trumps crit), and I am currently wearing a hit neck.

Bloodsunder’s Bracers from Rotface. These are not only nicer than my Bejeweled Wizard’s Bracers, they’re actually mail. With the right stats. Be still my heart.

Low priority upgrades:

Bulwark of Smouldering Steel from Marrowgar, otherwise known as the shield that doesn’t exist. Seriously, I wanted this hardcore, but now that I’m using a staff, and planning my upgrades around having the 100 plus hit on said staff, this will definitely be of more benefit to other raid members.

Royal Scepter of Terenas II from LK. Again, I’d love this weapon to go with that shield up there, but let’s be realistic. Everyone is going to want one who can use it. This mace is love for DPS casters and healers alike. And unless I have both pieces, I’ll be unlikely to use either, so would feel weird taking it from anyone who could use it immediately.

Phylactery of the Nameless Lich from Sindragosa. I’m not saying this isn’t an amazing trinket for any DPS caster with at least one DoT in their rotation. But it’s far more amazing for specs that prioritize crit over haste, and specs that have more than one DoT. I wouldn’t refuse it, but I just can’t get that excited over it.

And that’s it. In the entire instance. I’m really not interested in Nibelung, even though theorycraft tells me I should be. Its lack of secondary stats would leave me with far far too much to make up in other places before I actually saw an increase in DPS.

This list also makes me sad when people say things like “It’s ok, your DPS will improve with gear.” because although that’s undoubtably true, most of my potential upgrades need to wait for the long, slow grind of Frost badges (over 250 in total from this moment right here), and I do feel pretty strongly about not taking something that would benefit someone else more.