So, I got to spend tonight wiping on Festergut. Now, this is a fight I’ve found extremely discouraging in the past because not only is it a DPS-race (not my favorite mechanic), but it’s a movement-intensive DPS race! Oh joy!

(Seriously, I have a fucking issue with whoever designed this. Let’s make a fight where melee DPS – y’know, the ones with mostly instant abilities – stand still and whack the boss. Let’s give the ranged (you know, all the people with cast times) a requirement to move twice a minute, plus a fun debuff with a disorient-effect to deal with, and let’s make the enrage timer super tight? What do you think? DIAF is what I think.)

I am terrible on this fight, unless I get the cushy-stand-in-melee-range position. I know I am terrible in this fight. I know the main reason I’m there is to toss down Totem of Wrath for a spellpower buff, and because I’m smart enough to not do shit that gets other people killed.Β  I know how to stand 8 yards away from my nearest neighbor, and I know where to move when I get a spore (or when I don’t get a spore). The mechanics I get. But with that much movement and one instant cast spell on a 6 second cooldown, I know I’m not an asset.

Honestly, I know I should probably crunch the numbers and see if it would actually benefit the guild if I sat out on this fight. It would, of course, fluctuate with the number of casters, but … 280 spellpower isn’t trivial. I’m a buffbot. That’s why I’m there. But y’know what? I don’t have to like it.

But you know what makes me NOT want to be a team player anymore? Seeing this in raid chat:

(For the record, “it” refers to the ICC pity buff for damage that we accidentally turned off for the night.)

I’m almost tempted to say fuck it – next week, I drop Searing Totem and screw everyone else. I won’t – I have held out so long against the idea that individual DPS > Raid DPS. I’m not giving into that line of bullshit now. I’m there to be part of a team, not for individual glory. I just wish everyone I raided with felt the same way.Β  Maybe we’d see more dead bosses.