I recently changed my goal of playing every class to at least level 60 (one that I was one fresh character and two characters that needed 2 levels away from), to leveling each class to 80 at least once.

I think this is because I’m part overachiever, part masochist.

I can check four classes off the list right away – priest, shaman, warlock and warrior (see sidebar). I’ve leveled all four, and even done some raiding on all of them. I may not be 100% up to date on the nuances, and I don’t pretend to know all the possible specs, but I have a pretty good grasp on what these classes are capable of, and more importantly, what they’re capable of in my (sometimes clumsy) hands.

Norrah has made it to 66, and in less than two levels, she’ll be in Northrend. I’m pretty close to having one more class checked off.

After that is the dilemma:

When we first started our RaF accounts and seeing Azeroth from a Horde point of view, we kind of fell in love with Shadow Council. So we abandoned our original plan to do a couple characters on a few different servers. Unfortunately, the people that really made SC fun have all decided this is a good time for a WoW-break, for whatever reason, and we just aren’t playing them. Our 80s don’t need more gear, and leveling without the fun of an active guild chat is sort of tedious at best.

So, ignoring the poor shaman who was level granted and supposed to be my next project over there, I have a level 63 druid and a level 58 mage just … hanging out. I liked playing the druid far more than the mage, and if I go back, she would likely be the one I go back to.I also have a level 63 rogue back on Bronzebeard (who finally, this afternoon, had her stuff restored, along with my other characters on the server!). In theory, that means I only have to level a hunter and a deathknight.


I probably won’t level my mage on Shadow Council, and the idea of starting fresh is just … ugh. I’m sure mages are super fun at level cap, but my Frostbolt finger got tired long before it started to get interesting.

I probably won’t level my druid Horde-side either. I’ve already bought a fresh set of heirlooms and rolled a druid named Brianne on Azgalor. She’s far more likely to see 80 than poor Sunny.

I probably won’t level my rogue on Bronzebeard unless something crazy happens to change the way I feel about going back to my characters there. It’s just … totally lonely. I don’t even know anyone anymore in the guild that I used to run (and where my toons are still parked). I could transfer her eventually, but since she was created specifically to be a lock box & Darkmoon Faire card mule for my warlock, I’d feel weird about separating them.

Basically, I fail at leveling unless one or more of the following conditions are met:

1) I have a lively guild chat to keep me company.

2) I’m leveling with one of my boyfriend’s characters.

3) I have a specific reason for wanting a particular character (i.e. I’m doing a helluva job at leveling Norrah because I really want to have a max level tanking character on my new server).

I have 5 character slots on Azlagor which are definite – Krikket, Norrah, a bank alt (and OMG, how did I live so long without a bank alt?!? – but that’s a topic for another day), Meghenne the dwarf priest and Brianne the druid. I have a deathknight started, and a hunter rolled. Which means I can have three more.

Logically – and to meet my “every class at 80” goal, two of those slots should be for a rogue and a mage (I’d likely reserve the third for the eventuality of bringing over my warrior).


I want another warlock. Desperately. They are ridiculous fun to level.  But I don’t feel like I can start one unless I have a plan for where and how I’m going to level that last missing class.  At least I have another 14 levels of quality time with Norrah before I need to decide for sure.