As you can see in the sidebar, low-sixties is kind of a “break it” place for me in leveling.

The first one comes around level 20. Before they changed the level of the first mount from 30 to 20, I expect this had a lot to do with it. For the first time, you really have long walks to get to quest targets and new areas, and walking =/= fun game play. Now I find that if I can get a character to level 20 and her first mount, the next 20 or so levels are pretty much a given.

The second block comes around level 40 – give or take a few levels. I think this has a lot to do with running out of quest areas in Azeroth that I enjoy. Every zone for this level range makes me twitch in one way or another. Mostly – I press through it. But I’m sick of lower STV and Tanaris, I never liked Searing Gorge, and Feralas has the stupidity of the Alliance town being on a damn island. I get very blah about every character at this point, regardless of how much I was enjoying them before hand.

My last big block comes in the low to mix 60s, and this one, I can’t explain. Maybe it’s just Outlands burnout in general. Really, the only Outlands zone I despise is Shadowmoon Valley, and there’s not a single reason to go there anymore during the leveling process. I’m not a huge fan of Hellfire, but I usually get through that before I start to slow down. I really don’t know why.

Norrah hit 63 today. She just started Zangamarsh. I think I’m going to be able to push through this brief period of disinterest, and honestly? I know in another level or two I’ll be looking forward to Northrend, and at that point? She’s pretty much guaranteed to get to 80. Seventeen levels is a lot this late in the game, but already I’m getting that anxious feeling of “SO CLOSE” – if I can just push through, even a few quests at a time, the next few levels.