I know this is so completely and totally NOT a big deal anymore, but this totally made my night:

& in a way? it is sort of a big deal. Because yes, we outgear the content. Yes, this is a lot easier than it used to be. But it also means that 9 other people spent their time and gold to chase after “outdated” achievements with me. This is how I know that even when the road is rocky that I totally made the right choice in coming to Azgalor and to Brotherhood of Oblivion.

The one thing that always made me crazy about raiding was that the majority of people who wanted to raid seemed to only fall into one of two groups.

Group 1: Wanted to raid, but didn’t want to put any effort into preparing to raid. They made no effort to get upgrades outside of raiding, wouldn’t read strats, tended to have bad or out-dated specs / glyphs, and would roll on “upgrades” with stats that were completely not beneficial.

Group 2: Were only in it for the leet purplez. If a new tier of content dropped, regardless of where we were in the old tier? They were done. Those epics were yesterday’s news. Seeing the content and overcoming challenges was not nearly as important as getting that next iLvL upgrade.

Now, I know this is a gross over-generalization. But finding an entire raid group of people that weren’t from column A and weren’t from column B and could actually be counted on? Didn’t happen on Bronzebeard. It made me sad. Even if it is only a small subset of BoO, who are all there for their own reasons, whether it be to see Yogg & Algalon die, or for raid drakes, or because it’s something to do on an offnight – I am grateful.