The only thing I miss about being a full-time (shaman) healer is not having to do the hit rating juggle. I remember building my first elemental set, and using the crafted dress of exceptional sluttiness – um, I mean, the Ebonweave Robe because mail spellpower gear with hit on seemed to be a fiction. I wore a SPIRIT neck piece because it had hit (bad shaman, no cookie!). My Naxx-ready DPS gear was … embarrassing to say the least.

Then came badge-bought tier gear, and more hit than you could shake a stick at. At one point, I was rocking approximately 400 hit rating (which would be great if it wasn’t almost double what I needed at the time).  My magic number is 263. No more, no less. I used to keep a set with approximately 342 hit as well, in case there was no shadow priest or boomkin, but now that my SO is a full-time shadow priest, it’s rarely an issue.

Well, last night, I became a staff-shaman (sadpanda for me – but yay for Ori on the offchance that Marrowgar ever gives up the shield), and I’m back up to 399 hit rating. Now, I’m already wearing a healer ring, and no hit rating trinkets. I do have a hit rating necklace, but I have nothing better to switch it out to. I’ll be dropping 60 points of hit prior to my next raid night due to the non-set gloves from Frost Badges being full of awesome.  But it’s going to be a long time before I’m anywhere close to 263 again.

I cannot drop points in Elemental Precision unless I want to become a shaman of the tanking variety – and I totally just gave up my shield, so no. I could downgrade my neck, pay the nice guys in ICC 200 gold to get a healer ring with a useless proc, or I could live with the excess of a (now) useless stat. I’m leaning towards living with it – yes, I know being more than 5% over my effective hit cap is ridiculous, but any sidegrades will be temporary at best (once I hit 4 piece T10, I’ll be low on hit again), and downgrades do not benefit me or the raid.

Knowing that far down the road, I’m going to need accessories with hit rating again, do I continue to bid on things like Amulet of the Silent Eulogy or leave them for folks who will use all of the stats right now and hope it drops again when I actually do need it? Do I spend badges or gold on pieces with no hit rating that really aren’t all that much better to drop some of my excess hit? Do I ignore it until it works itself out?

Incidentally? I still have three downgrade pieces in my bank with hit rating on them, just in case.

I wish hit worked more like other stats in that MOAR is always better.