This is the big one: Sometime last night, I got hacked.

My account is currently suspended, all of my characters have had gear stuff switched around (poor Sunlyte is wearing nothing but her heirloom chest and shoulders!), and I cannot even imagine the royal clusterfuck it’s going to be getting this straightened out. On the upside, none of my high level characters were deleted, although they’re likely broke. I’ve emailed Blizzard and tried to call them like a dozen times (how great is a customer service line that hangs up on you instead of giving you an option to hold, seriously?), but so far, nothing.

Which unfortunately gives me a lot of time to think about the other things that are stressing me out.

First of all, I want to say to the BoO-ites who may be reading this, overall, I think our decision to move our characters and join BoO has been a good one. I have met some amazing people that I really enjoy, and I am having fun playing again.

But nothing is perfect, right? Right. None of these things are huge, but … they’re bugging me.

No one takes farm content seriously. Ok. I know by saying “no one” I’m doing that blanket statement thing that pisses me off. I understand that we can’t PuG with DKP in place for ICC-25. I also understand that people have lives and we’re going to come up short here and there. What I don’t understand is why we go do ToC-25, and 2/3 of the group drops to go get their undergeared alts, and half the time, it ends up being a wipefest. Now I know that running stuff over and over and over gets boring. I know that most of the guild’s mains don’t need the gear or the badges. But I can still use stuff from there, and even I groan when ICC gets called because I have no idea what the rest of the night is going to look like. I don’t know, maybe I’m naive, but I feel like if it’s an official 25s night, we should be giving it the same attention that we would a progression night in ICC or not doing it at all.

Weird tension between different groups inside the guild. I realize that BoO’s officer core is mostly folks that know each other from outside of WoW. I also realize that the guild that recently transferred over and joined are mostly folks that know each other from outside of WoW. I totally get that it’s natural for those people to want to game in groups. But sometimes, I get this feeling like there’s a huge us against them mentality, and not being part of either “us” or “them” – I feel weirdly uncomfortable a lot of the time.  I’m not always sure what’s going on, but it’s just a strange environment to be a stranger in sometimes.

No official gear requirements for top tier raiding. I get it – Gear Score is bad. That said, I can’t help but feel there should be some minimums in place for ICC 10 and ICC 25. Yes, sometimes an undergeared character or two can be dragged through progression content, and if it’s a choice between bring your friend or a PuG, absolutely, bring your friend. But when off-night stuff is open to the guild as a whole, I think that consideration should be given to the time and effort people have put in to getting their characters ready for the level of content. There are currently over 40 characters in BoO geared for all the content in game, and another 20 or so who are very very close to that level. There should never be any reason to be taking a character in blues to ICC on an official guild run. Epics are not that hard to get with the badge system, but if someone wants to do an unofficial or impromptu gearing run for someone, great.  In my book, on the website = official, and should be open to all appropriately geared guildies. Having an objective rule in place about this might not resolve all the issues that come from having to take “strangers” over friends, but at least there would be a rule in place, you know?

Clearly, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes when a guild is this large. I won’t even pretend to grasp all the work that Amber and the other officers have to deal with. I am a firm believer in helping people gear up when you can – and I won’t hesitate to offer to run content I no longer need to help someone get a shiny that they’re pining after when I can. I know that people have limited game time, and set ideas of how they want to spend it. But being in a guild means being part of a team, and we’re not in gym class here. We shouldn’t have team captains who just pick and choose who they like the best.