So leveling Norrah on a PvP server hasn’t been too awful. I made the mistake of going afk in the inn in Darkshire and got smooshed while I wasn’t looking. Lesson learned. Do not /afk outside of Dalaran, got it.

I got one-shotted by a level 80 warrior right outside Gadgetzan. And this best embodies my attitude towards ganking – just sit there and take it. I mean, really, what is a level 40 something supposed to do? So I sit there and take it. Later, when I had accidentally pulled three mobs in Thistleshrub Valley, a like-level warlock decided he’d add his DoTs into the mix. What he didn’t realize is that there was a level 60 hunter farming ore a short distance away, and she made quick work of him.  This clearly didn’t sit well, because he was hanging around Gadgetzan when I turned in with his level 80 friend.

I see the following emote on my chat screen: <Warlock> points at you.

Two seconds later, smooshed. Someone was a little cranky about losing, I think.

However, while I was in Un’Goro Crater today, a kitty druid two levels higher than me picked a fight. Two levels higher than me? I had a chance, so I had to at least try, right? I’m proud to say that Norrah killed him without even using a bubble or Lay on Hands.

I am not a PvP person. The fact that Azgalor is a PvP server was almost enough to deter me from bringing Krikket over, and is the main reason I’m leveling a pally first instead of a priest, warlock, or druid. I have no interest in picking fights with the Horde. If I’m doing dailies, or fishing, or I don’t know, trying to zone into ICC to raid, I’m just … not interested. If I want to PvP, I’ll go to Wintergrasp or queue for battlegrounds or join an Arena team. The rest of the time? I wish they’d leave me the hell alone. I don’t want to gank anyone, I don’t want to raid The Crossroads. I have no desire to be an annoyance to someone who’s just trying to relax and play a video game in peace.

That said? I won’t deny feeling a little warm and fuzzy on the inside as I looked down at the Tauren I had just killed. Maybe I’m not as 100% carebear as I though.