Several patches ago, there was this totem I wanted. I was a tank-healing, lesser-healing-wave-spamming shaman, and this totem increased the spellpower on Lesser Healing Wave by 267. It was amazing. I had to have it.

The catch was, you needed to buy it with Arena points.

So Ted & I grabbed a charter and started doing 2v2 rogue/resto shaman. We weren’t terrible, but we weren’t that good either. My reaction time isn’t fast enough for hardcore PvP. I finally did get my totem – but not until it was available to buy just with honor, sadly. I’d start to twitch after a dozen games.

But I want to be good at Arena. I do.

Today, one of our guildmates was like “PvP?”, and we were like “We’re rusty but sure.” and Buff Muffins, the 3v3 team was born.

We’re still working out the kinks – the plan was rogue / elemental shaman / discipline priest, but I don’t think I switch targets quickly enough to ever be really good at DPS in PvP. So we tried out some rogue / shadow priest / resto shaman, and that seems to work better. At least, that was the comp we were rolling with in the one match we actually won.

I rarely heal outside 5-mans anymore, so I’m thinking it’s time to take another look at my resto spec, make some tweaks, stop spending badges and honor on heirlooms and epic gems and actually buy some PvP gear. I want to get good at this. I want to be able to stop worrying the boys are going to throw me off the team.

Honestly, as much as I love my shaman in PvE, I think there are like … nine better classes for PvP.