When achievements came out in WoW, it was one of the best and worst things to happen to my play experience.

Best because it was an objective method of tracking “how well” I was doing in WoW.  Worst because, since then, I’ve done some amazingly boring, and some amazingly frustrating, thing just to get 10 more points.

Krikket is currently sitting at 6365 achievement points. She also has 9 Feats of Strength (achievements that don’t grant points). None of my other characters are even remotely close – thankfully, my obsessiveness does not extend to every character I level.

One of the biggest motivating factors in moving over to Azgalor and joining Brotherhood of Oblivion was the fact that someone wanted to start a group to get Glory of the Ulduar Raider. Silly, right? I was all anti-25-man-raiding, but dangle a raid drake in front of my face? I’m so there.

As it turns out, 25-man raiding is rarely as horrific as I anticipated it being. I still prefer 10 mans, but I think that’s because I feel more competent in 10 mans. I’m not fighting the latency boss. I’m not getting stagger-stepped by 20 AoE effects going off on my screen at once. I also feel that it’s easier to build personal relationships in a smaller group. You know what to expect from yourself and your teammates.

… I’m digressing, aren’t I?

Now I’m getting to the point where Krikket doesn’t have much in way of achievements that she can do alone, and other than Ted – who I can talk into anything – I don’t expect other people to indulge my crazy whims. So I’ve set some new WoW-goals for myself.

– Level one of each class to at least level 60 80.
– Level at least one male character to at least level 60.
– Loremaster Krikket before the release of Cataclysm.
– Katastrophe the Insane.
– Get a red proto-drake on any character.
– Be on an arena team with a 1550+ rating on any character.

Yes, some of those have to do with actual in-game achievement points, but the one I’m finding most interesting at this point is the leveling of all the different classes. I’m up to four different classes at level 80.  I have two more that have just barely passed level 60, and a mage that’s sitting at level 58 thanks to RaF. Getting a Deathknight to 60 should be easy since they start at 55. Which leaves me with hunter and paladin. And now that Norrah has passed level 40, I’m thinking I’m getting pretty close to that goal.

(Incidentally – I also want to have every profession in game at max level eventually, even though I’m terribad at leveling professions.)

Now I’m wondering if it would be worthwhile to increase it to getting each class to max level. I’m not great at balance, and I know I would never play them all regularly. But as someone who’s currently missing her max level alts a whole bunch, the desire for MOAR 80S is strong. The only class that I haven’t found to be fun to play has been the mage but I expect that has more to do with not really liking the one-button play-style of frost for leveling than not liking the class itself.

I’m definitely an alt-aholic. There’s only so much you can do at 80 once you’re geared up to raid.