Today was the day I planned to push Norrah through the last part of painful (to me anyway) Azeroth leveling.

While the servers were down for maintenance this morning, I did my normal routine of websites – Yahoo.mail, Livejournal, Gmail, GoogleReader,Facebook, this blog, & our guild website. Then I remembered that I was going to post some strats for the more complicated Ulduar 10-man hardmodes. I found some written strats for FL+4, hard mode IC, and a Tankspot video of 10-man Freya+3.

Shortly after that? My computer basically exploded.

Apparently something I did this morning got me infected with Antivirus Soft. Holy error messages! It took me a couple of reboots to even get control back (ohai program that shuts down Task Manager), and I’m still virus scanning.

No matter how well protected your computer is, and how “safe” you think the sites you visit are – you can never be too prepared.