It took a ridiculous amount of discussion, debate and rationalizing for Ted & I to decide to transfer one character each to a new server to join BoO. Part of it, I’m sure, was my lingering loyalty to my few friends that were still playing on Bronzebeard. But most of it was more practical.

  1. I am currently unemployed, have been since October, and really? I don’t see that changing anytime soon. So we’re on a very fixed income.  We have absolutely and totally budgeted for both our subscriptions (that + Netflix + one date night/month is our entire entertainment budget), but transfers aren’t part of that.
  2. We recently dumped close to $100 in transfers and a second account so we could RaF Horde. Ted moved two of his old Horde characters to Shadow Council, and we paid for an extra account for two months, and while I’m glad we did it? It was an unplanned-for expense, and it came right around the holidays, so we’ve been living skinny for a bit now.
  3. If I let myself transfer another character while I’m still not bringing in any income (which is a rule I made for myself – not one he imposed upon me!), not only will I feel bad because … well, I’m still not bringing in any income and yet I’m still getting whatever I want, I also know that’ll open the door for even more transferring and honestly? If we both transferred everything we want to play, we’re looking at hundreds of dollars in server transfer, faction changes, and we’ll fill up all our damn character slots on the server in no time.

That said? I think I ever stop being lazy and get back to making some freelance cash, I will be transferring another toon over from Bronzebeard, but I’m totally torn on which one to bring.

My inclination is to bring Klyvadia over – she’s less geared than my warlock, but hello instant-queues. Also, my experiences in BoO so far have given me the impression that for pre-ICC content? Tanks are the hardest to come by. I like warrior tanking, and although she’d need some work still (WoW-Heroes is showing her geared for 25 man Ulduar & 10 man ToC), with the badge gear available, it wouldn’t be terribly painful.

But I hate playing her in her offspec (lolArmsphail), I never finished leveling her jewelcrafting because I am full of lazy, and she doesn’t even have epic flying yet. Plus, I’m halfway through leveling a paladin tank – do I really need 2 tanks on the same server?

Kat is much closer to being ready to go to ICC, they buffed Affliction last patch so it’s viable again (so much yay!), and I have both her tailoring and her jewelcrafting maxed out. But she’s also in the middle of “The Insane” grind, and I leveled a rogue on Bronzebeard just to be her lockbox bitch, and I cannot justify transferring them both. Also, I have this irrational fear that if I bring over a DPS character (who is currently damn close to Krikket’s DPS in a lot less gear), I won’t get to keep raiding on Krikket.

…I said it was irrational.

I wonder sometimes if my inability to make a decision about this is what’s stalling me from working on the real life stuff I keep saying I want to.  I hate to think that. But WoW has a tendency to feed my laziness. Having a good excuse to keep me from making a decision prevents me from actually having to commit.