Just a quick post while I see if my friends on Shadow Council are going to log on for a go at the first couple bosses in Ulduar for the weekly raid quest.

I never thought I’d end up with a level 80 Horde character (and certainly never thought I’d see the day where I had an 80, and three more who got through Azeroth!), but when Amazon.com had original WoW for $5, we couldn’t pass it up. We ordered two boxes, planning do a refer-a-friend for each of us.

We stumbled into a guild recruitment ad that sounded just right for what we wanted to do, and we were off. I have always wanted a priest. But once they nerfed Wand Spec at the end of BC, I was never able to level on very far without wanting to cry. Or uninstall. Or cry while uninstalling. Priest healing looked like so much fun – priest leveling was horrid.

But RaF meant never leveling alone. I bubbled my way through 80 levels, and it was amazing.

Now? I sort of hate it that I have a disc priest in 4 piece Tier 9 gear who … does the weekly. Usually. Because healers are always in high demand (although not as high as tanks, if heroic queue times are anything to go by), and I have a character I love to play that I just … don’t. At least not, that often. It feels like a waste. I feel like she could be so much more useful if she were Alliance.  I suck at balancing time between servers, never mind factions.

It’s probably strange to miss characters that I can play any time I want just because they’re not available everywhere I want.

Fingers crossed for the weekly!