I’m sure I’ll get back to the chatty stuff soon enough because there’s lots of stuff I want to talk about, but tonight?

Tonight is a sad panda sort of night.

So, a couple weeks ago, my boy & I server transferred to join our very first 25-man raiding guild. Exciting right? Well, it would be, if I weren’t already so discouraged that I want to stop signing up for raids.

Tonight, we wiped in the first minute or so of the Festergut fight. Wiping horribly I have no issue with. But the raid leader then said to us all “If you’re running recount, look at that number beside your name. If it’s not 7K or higher, you’re not where you need to be to be here.”

Let’s ignore for a second that only three DPS were close to 7K. Let’s ignore for a second they were all melee and didn’t need to move for spores and they didn’t get targeted for the puking stun.

The problem is this: I play an elemental shaman. It’s the class I love, and the spec I enjoy, and I do my research and know what stats I’m looking for.  WoW-Heroes tells me that ICC-25 is a “medium hard” instance for my current gear level, so I’m not painfully undergeared or anything.

In my current gear, and in an ideal world (i.e. one where I never have to move or switch targets), I can theoretically pull about 5.5K DPS in my current gear on a single target. MaxDPS says so. That’s not terrible. You will note that it’s also not 7K.

But here’s the part that really irks me. In gear that’s currently available to me (i.e. nothing that drops of bosses later than the first four in ICC-25, and nothing from heroic mode), I cannot even reach a “theoretical” 7K dps. On a non-movement straight burn. This leads me to conclude that I’m not going to see anything even remotely close to 7K where I have to move a minimum of 10 yards twice every 30 seconds.

I’m not saying none of this is on me. But … I can’t help but feel a little singled out when the shadow priest who gets a good chunk of his damage from DoTs gets put in with the melee (so he has to move less), and I get left out at range.

I know I’m not topping the charts on any of the fights. I haven’t raided 25-mans since Naxx was progression. Most of my gear is iLvL 232 – 245. Yes, I could be more geared.

But no matter how geared I get, I’m not going to pull 7K dps when I can only cast 40-45 seconds out of every minute. Ever.