About two years ago, when I started playing WoW, I knew nothing. I knew less than nothing, actually.  I didn’t understand “realms” and actually rolled a character wherever WoW suggested, and played it for a few hours before I realized that if I wanted to play with my friend who gave me the game? We needed to be on the same realm. So I was already rerolling on day one.

This is what I had to go on: In every single player RPG I’d ever played, I was terrible at casters. My friend Sou played a druid, and druids have healy spells, and therefore, were probably squishy, as all casters are.  So, if we were going to play together, I should make a melee class that could take a bit of a beating.

Quick scan down the character creation screen, and my choice was obvious. I’d have to be a warrior. A few minutes later, Klyvadia was stealing candles in Northshire Abbey.

It actually took quite a while for me to become an altaholic. I won’t lie, I was tempted by the bear-dancing-goodness of druids, but I didn’t get completely captivated by another class until around level 50. By then, I was in an oddball kind of social/leveling guild, and we were running some of the 5-man stuff (frequently without a healer – and wondering why we died so often – because we were full of noob-ness).

One of the characters I frequently ran with was a shaman. And OMG. Shaman could shoot lightning out of their hands! And they could turn into a stealthy puppy*! And when they died? They just got right back up! I was in love!

I looked at my warrior – who I was leveling prot – and she looked sad in comparison. All she could do was hit things with her sword (and her shield, I suppose) and even that didn’t really hurt them much.  How lame.

So I rolled Krikket, my first alt.  Well, my first serious alt. My first alt that got out of the level 1-5 starting area.

I didn’t abandon my warrior entirely – I couldn’t because she was the same level(ish) as all my friends, and Outlands was just around the corner, and I still wanted to see it and do things with them, even if I wasn’t really crazy about being the meat shield anymore.  But I worked on my shaman a little bit at a time.  Around level 20, I got to Ashenvale, and a friend who was working on a paladin made the trek (and at the time? It was a trek) over there from the human lands to level with me.

It was good for awhile. Then he got impatient – totally out-leveled me, and I remember being in the Wetlands, with about 6 stacks of drinkables in my bags, and looking for the named raptor and having to drink everytime I killed something, and … something just snapped. I couldn’t do this. I was bad at casters! I trotter her cute little Draenei butt back to Menethil Harbor, parked her in the inn, and logged out. I didn’t delete her – I wanted a reminder of this failed experiment.

I rolled a couple of other alts for those times when I wanted to be online, but couldn’t stand another 8 minute mob fight. I gave in and leveled a druid to 10 so I could bear dance. I banged out a few levels on a hunter. I was bumbling, really.

I managed to level Kly to 70, changed her professions from the oh-so-useful-for-warriors skinning and tailoring to mining and jewelcrafting and maxed them out. I bought my first flying mount. I did Shattered Sun Offensive dailies every damn day until I could buy my first purple. I wasn’t a great warrior tank by any means, but I wasn’t horrible. I became an officer in my little guild o’misfits.

But I burned out fast. Being the tank in a pre-LFG world meant that if I didn’t want to do something, no one went. Our healers (of which we had very few) were terrible, so when we did do instances (not heroics, mind you, regular instances) we died. A lot. I just wasn’t having that much fun anymore. Everyone was talking about the new expansion, but I wasn’t that excited. At this point, I probably wasn’t far from quitting the game entirely.

Then something happened outside of WoW that ended up changing everything inside of WoW for me too.

I started talking to this guy and (as it often in did in conversations that summer), WoW came up. There was geek talk. Next thing I knew, he had transferred one of his max level characters over. Then his brother and their friend both had characters in our guild. One night I was hanging out with all of them, and they asked me if I had a character in the high 20s or low 30s that would like to do Stocks with their leveling group.

Hence, Krikket got out of Menethil Harbor. And it was fun – even the parts where the druid went OOM and I was panic healing between lightning bolts. I bought her some green gear with +INT (more mana means less drinking? Who knew!) and started leveling her seriously.

By the time Wrath came out, that guy and I? Were pretty serious. He wanted to roll a Death Knight, and suggested I respec my shaman resto, which I did.  He also persuaded me to start a little raiding-guild-that-could – we took a bunch of folks from the old guild, and made a new guild. We were going to raid**!

WoW was exciting again, and I had a new main.

* – Ok, so, stealthy puppy? Isn’t stealthy. But I found that out the hard way in Ashenvale when I was like “Ok, so I’ma just sneak by this…” OMNOMNOM. No. No I won’t.

** – I may have been more than a little bitter that the few times I tried to get into a Kara run, I got laughed at. A lot. I was defense capped, but that was the point when I learned that everyone wants an overgeared tank. Sigh.